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If you have followed Counter-Strike for any length of time or are just interested in CSGO betting, you will probably know about the e-sports scene, the 20 or so professional teams at the top of their CSGO competitive careers, battling it out to see who can hold the crown of best in the world for the longest. Astralis currently have the title for best “Team” in the world, While Na’Vi’s superstar player S1mple, holds the title for the best individual player in the world.

CSGO betting can be a great way to spice things up a bit while watching a big tournament, you can place a stake on your favourite team to win and you will have an extra boost in your celebrations while cheering them on to victory. If you follow the scene closely it can also be a pretty good way to earn some extra cash from CSGO Betting as your predictions become your greatest weapon.


Loot.bet CSGO Betting

Loot.bet is a dedicating ESports betting platform with a focus on CSGO, League of legends and Dota 2 unlike some other sites they do not support other sports like Football or Basketball they are strictly ESports betting. That being said the design of the site is wonderful and any gamer will be sure to fall in love with the csgo gambling site Loot.bet Get started making an account and register yourself today to get lots of rewards and bonuses to your CSGO betting.

ESports Betting

Here at CSGO Skin Sites we have built up a relationship with a number of licensed e-sports betting operators so we gave give you a selection of trustable places to start ESports betting. One such site Mrplay.com has a simple interface which makes it super easy to choose what ESports bets to make. We know bonuses are important that is why you can be sure to get only the best ESports betting bonus around when you sign up to one of our partnered ESports betting sites.

CSGO Betting

Best CSGO Betting Sites

Here at CSGO Skin Sites, we have taken the time to review the best CSGO betting sites on the web and are happy to give you a list of our top CSGO betting sites. One of these sites 1XBet also has an arsenal of other CSGO betting and CSGO gambling options but the interface they use for CSGO betting is next to none. With a list of upcoming CSGO games from all tournaments big and small, and an easy to understand CSGO betting market, you won’t take long getting used to the site, and you will be placing your CSGO bets in no time.

On this page you will find very useful sites to start your CSGO Betting journey. All of the CSGO Betting sites you see below can be trusted and are completely legit. You will find great customer support at all of these CSGO Betting Sites and you will be able to start placing your CSGO Bets immediately. They will ask you to verify who you are once you want to make a withdrawal but making an account and signing up to these CSGO Betting sites is quick and easy.


CSGO Betting and E-Sports Betting

Sign up now and start your CSGO Betting with Mrplay. Once you have registered you will have the option to bet €10 and receive €10 Free Bet to place on whatever you want, since you’re here we imagine you will be looking to place a bet on e-sports and of course, Mrplay.com is the place for that! Enjoy your time and we wish you well.

ESports Betting Sites

We recommend you try out Melbet.com as it’s the first Sportsbook we have features on csgo skin sites and we believe you will have a lot of fun and success playing with Melbet. The team are great and support is always open for your questions whenever you might need. CSGO Betting is a new field and you may need to ask some questions and that’s exactly what they are there for, to help, you. Also there are 2 offers available from Melbet, first you can place 10 Euro and receive a 30 Euro Free Bet or you can choose to have your first deposit doubled, up to €100 of course. Simply choose a bonus and get betting!


The Best CSGO Betting Can Offer

If your looking for CSGO Betting and you want a stress free, simple and enjoyable experience placing your e-sports bets then Melbet is the place for you, with an intuitive design and a great choice of markets Melbet might quickly become your favourite place to enjoy CSGO Betting. You can bet on a load of different games like League of Legends, Dota and CSGO alike.

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