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Welcome to CSGO Skin Sites, I started this project as I have a passion for gaming and more gambling industry knowledge than I know what to do with. I remember a few years ago when CSGO skin gambling blew up I didn’t even know where to start, of the few sites live at the time which ones could I trust? Which ones had the best CSGO skins, which ones had the best deals? I had no idea.

That’s why I started CSGO Skin Sites, as a place where the everyday gamer can find good and trustworthy websites to gamble their spare cash or CSGO skins on. If you’re looking for CSGO case opening then stick on this page and read more to find out everything you need to know about CSGO case opening and what CSGO case opening sites there are, as well as what CSGO case opening bonuses and deals you can receive from said websites. If you are looking for the more traditional sportsbook style of CSGO betting then head on over to our CSGO Betting page for everything you need about CSGO Betting.


Easy Free CSGO Skins with Rollbit.com

Rollbit.com is one of the cleanest new CSGO Skin Sites I have ever come across, it’s so simple and easy to use, all you have to do is sign up by clicking the button below and you receive $0.50 immediately.

You play a simple game of chance much like “high or low” simply place your bet and guess what multiplier will come out next, if it’s withing your bet you take home the bet if you overshoot the amount unfortunately you lose. It’s up to you if you want to go big or stay safe by going for multipliers lower than 2x.


CSGO Case Opening and what to look out for?

Ever since Valve launched Operation Bravo which included the first CSGO cases with the first CSGO skins in them, CSGO case opening has been growing and growing. The rate of growth is astonishing to say it’s practically just a game of chance with a varying degree of rewards. However now in 2019, the game has changed and CSGO case opening comes in many forms with a whole host of new features such as test spins, sell back, upgrade and even battle against your friends game modes.

CSGO Skin Sites has been paying attention and CSGO case opening has been through a lot of drama and things have eventually settled in an area with a lot more control than it had previously, regulations to the CS GO case opening market have seen sites become much more trustworthy and I think we all agree it’s for the best.

CSGO Skin Sites is committed to recommending only good quality and trustworthy platforms. I do the research and test the sites out with a small deposit of my own before recommending anything to you, so you can be sure you are safe to play. I don’t want anyone getting ripped off by a site I recommended on their first attempt at a CSGO case opening, CSGO Skin Sites says it’s just bad for business.

Enough about that though there is still a great opportunity for profit when CSGO case opening. I have even won big myself, starting small and building up your balance with smart sell backs, and keeping your cool is a tried and tested way to win at CSGO case opening. Going big and trying the €100 CSGO case opening is fun sure but it’s not as sustainable as going for the more balanced CSGO cases. CSGO case opening will rarely ever become a source of income however it is a fun little way to pass your downtime between games with the chance to be rewarded in the meantime.

A CSGO Case to fit every occasion.

Here is a list of every CSGO case released since Valve started releasing CSGO cases as part of Operation Bravo and almost every Operation since. Please bear in mind that some platforms create their own fake CSGO cases that do not actually exist in the game however are used to diversify the pool of rewards a player can get from playing the game; Here is a list of every CSGO case released since valve started releasing CSGO cases as part of Operation Bravo and almost every Operation since. Please bear in mind that some platforms create their own fake CSGO cases that do not actually exist in the game however are used to diversify the pool of rewards a player can get from playing the game;

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1. CS:GO Weapon Case
2. ESports 2013 Case
3. Operation Bravo Case
4. CS:GO Weapon Case 2
5. eSports 2013 Winter Case
6. Winter Offensive Weapon Case
7. CS:GO Weapon Case 3
8. Operation Phoenix Weapon Case
9. Huntsman Weapon Case
10. Operation Breakout Weapon Case

11. eSports 2014 Summer Case
12. Operation Vanguard Weapon Case
13. Chroma Case
14. Chroma 2 Case
15. Falchion Case
16. Shadow Case
17. Revolver Case
18. Operation Wildfire Case
19. Chroma 3 Case
20. Gamma Case

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21. Gamma 2 Case
22. Glove Case
23. Spectrum Case
24. Operation Hydra Case
25. Spectrum 2 Case
26. Clutch Case
27. Prisma Case
28. Shattered Web Case
29. CS20 Case

CSGO Skins and why they are so valuable.

With each CSGO case containing 6 Mil-Spec, 4 Restricted, 3 Classified and 3 Covert items, one of which can be a knife you can imagine just how many different CSGO skins there are. This makes for a very cool opportunity for each person to create their very own collection of unique CSGO Skins.

Each CSGO skin can vary in a number of ways, firstly they can be found in different levels of “wear” or quality; Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well Worn and Battle-Scarred. This determines how many scratches and how much paint is faded on the cs go skins. For a select few CS GO skins, the pattern itself is randomly generated following a sequence with different colours and shapes so the same skin in the same quality can actually look very different depending on chance. You can find a bayonet with a dark blue and purple colour fading into green, you can also find the exact same bayonet with a fully red, green or blue finish, these are considered to be extremely rare and actually have their own special names; Ruby Doppler, Emerald Doppler or Sapphire Doppler Bayonet which are all part of the Doppler skin line.

A regular Bayonet Doppler with a Minimal Wear finish will set you back $250-$300 however a Ruby Doppler would be almost 10 times as much starting around $2300 and going above $3000 for a Blue Sapphire. Some of the rarest knives in the game like the Factory New M9 Bayonet Crimson Web are selling for $14,852 on the market, this is because the black and red spider web pattern can come in many different forms and collectors are seeking out the very best patterns driving prices up to astonishing levels.

Some people like to colour co-ordinate and have a whole green or blue collection others like to go for the full Covert collection and some just mix and match what they can get their hands on. Click here for a more detailed look at what CSGO skins you can get.

What are CSGO Case Opening Sites?

There are many CSGO case opening sites and new ones being set up every week. There is obviously a serious industry growing here when it comes to case opening and cs-go case opening platforms are making strides to innovate the industry in a positive way. I have noticed many new features in these case opening platforms since they started and they are all very cool. There are platforms that allow you and your friends to join a CSGO case opening lobby and battle against each other, you all open a number of CSGO cases, whoever ends up with the highest value of winnings at the end takes the whole pot. I have also seen a few sites with a “test spin” function allowing you to test the cases before you decide to try them for real money.

All of the sites I list here will have some form of bonus for you, most of them will give you a % increase on your deposit so for example you deposit €100 you will receive €120 in your balance to play with. Other sites give you free cash just for signing up so you can open a CSGO case or two without ever spending a penny.

How to get Free CSGO Skins?

There are many ways you can obtain yourself some free CSGO skins, you can even get them just by playing Counter-Strike itself. Simply play matchmaking or other valve official servers and at the end of the match, you can win a low-grade skin for free. Some CSGO Skin Sites will offer you some free money upon signing up which you can use to open a crate for another chance at free CSGO skins.

Another option available to you is watching tournaments with your steam account linked to twitch, this way every few minutes the event organizers can release gifts and prizes automatically to the viewers directly into their steam inventory. You can also compete in tournaments yourself such as Faceit cups and leagues which offer Faceit points for top finishers which can be redeemed for even more free CSGO Skins.


Free CSGO Skins

Earn free skins, games, gift cards & cryptocurrencies! All you need to do is open an account and start filling out surveys, you can also download apps and test games to earn yourself free csgo skins even easier. It’s quick, simple and very rewarding and also 100% legitimate. Sign up now!