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We provide you with a straightforward view of the best csgo betting sites available at any given time. Our team of e-sports and iGaming professionals validate the sites and check whether the payment methods and withdrawals are working. The games are tested and we compare the odds to make sure everything is fair and in line with the competition. If you’re looking for match betting on the next major e-sports tournament or just want to play some roulette, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in no time at all.

What is csgo betting?

Whether you’ve just discovered csgo betting or you’ve been into it for years, staying up to date on the news in the industry is a valuable asset for any type of player. Here at csgo skin sites, we strive to give you a useful knowledge base for your csgo betting needs. Our goal is to provide our players with a list of high quality, reputable skin gambling websites. You can quickly check the available countries listed for each site. Easily check pre-validated deposit and withdrawal options, the brilliant games they offer, and more! If you’re looking for more detail, you can even click through to read our full reviews.

What is the best csgo betting site?

You must have seen lists of skin gambling sites in the past, compiled by experts in the field and promoted to you in a way that garners trust. These sites aren’t bad, but it’s up to you to decide who’s best for you, and your preferences may vary from another’s. Whatever they may be, we provide a selection of secure csgo betting sites that can suit them all.

Best csgo betting sites in 2022



The number 1 most trusted CSGO betting site. They pride themselves on their trust, with full licensing to back it up. They have a long history since their launch in the early days of skin gambling and have survived the growing pains that come with a new market. CSGO Empire host a sleek match betting system along with roulette and coin flip for the downtime between matches.

Best csgo gambling sites

You can think of csgo gambling as more of a traditional online casino. With games like crash, coinflip and roulette. Some sites have games available alongside match betting. Others just have the former, as it can be much easier to acquire a license for casino-style games.

A lot of csgo gambling sites host very unique depositing options over other traditional casino sites. Allowing you to deposit through your Steam inventory with a simple trade request. Accept the trade, and you will receive coins in your account somewhat equal to the value on the Steam marketplace. It’s a good idea to check the values add up before accepting the trade, as varying prices may not be accurately updated on all platforms.

Best csgo gambling games

CRASH – make a wager and hold your nerve for as long as you can. Crash is a game of willpower and strength. After setting your desired bet and waiting for the game to begin, the multiplier will start to rise. Starting slowly and ramping up over time, it has a chance to stop at any moment, usually 1.5 to 2 X on your bet. However sometimes as high as 10, 100 or 1000 X. If you choose to cash out before the crash happens, you can take home a profit.

If you’re worried about accidentally cashing out too soon, or you think greed might take you down. You can set automatic cashouts at any desired value.

You might be thinking this is the perfect game of skill and you can outsmart the house. Beware, the game can sometimes crash out immediately at 0.00 X, causing everyone who wagered to lose out on that round. It can be a good strategy to sit out a few rounds if you haven’t seen a 0.00 crash in a while.