What are CSGO Skin Sites?

Welcome to the world of CSGO skin sites. Here we will take a look at a wide range of different CSGO skin sites as well as a whole host of other e-sports betting platforms. We do the hard work evaluating, rating and reviewing the top CSGO skin sites on the web, to give you one easy place to find your favourite e-sports betting site.

If you’re into CS GO case opening and want to try your luck unboxing the next Factory New AWP Dragon Lore, or if you prefer the original CSGO match betting method of betting on your favourite team like Na’Vi or Astralis. It is also possible to trade your lovely CSGO skins for something a little more your style the CSGO skin sites we recommend below will do the trick.


VGO Case Opening

Our favourite pick for csgo case opening and vgo case opening with quick, easy and seemless withdrawals through more ways than all of the competition this csgo case opening site deserves your attention. They offer you $0.50 Free when you sign up on top of amazing deposit bonuses and daily giveaways. 😀 😉


CSGO Case Opening

Hellcase.com offer you a sweet $0.30 Free for signing up and regularly boost your deposits with amazing offers. They have daily prizes and a really cool premium program worth checking out. Probably the biggest and most widely known site on our list, check them out now, if you haven’t already 😉 🙂


Free CSGO Skins

Earn free skins, games, gift cards & cryptocurrencies! All you need to do is open an account and start filling out surveys, you can also download apps and test games to earn yourself free csgo skins even easier. It’s quick, simple and very rewarding and also 100% legitimate. Sign up now!

Would you like to know more about CS GO Case Opening?

The first thing you need to know about CS GO Case Opening is that you can generally expect to find one of two currencies. The first you will likely already know about, CSGO Skins, these are made by Valve, the owners of Steam and are a part of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive franchise. You can pay money to open one of these cases for the chance to win a skin of varying value that you can then use in-game in CS:GO.

The second of the two currencies is the more recent VGO Skins. These are a creation of the skin giants OPSKINS.com and are another form of currency. The same idea applies the only difference being these skins have no real world videogame to be used in… Yet.

How do you make money from CS GO Case Opening and VGO Case Opening?

First, you choose a case, a CSGO case or a VGO Case. Select a case within your budget, there are many cases all varying from 10 cents all the way to $500 and more. Each CS GO case opening will give you the chance to win 1 skin out of a selection of different value skins. The higher the value, the lower the percentage of getting that item. If you get lucky and receive an item worth more than what you paid then you can choose to sell the item back to the site for an increase in your wallet or you can choose to withdraw the item and receive it in your inventory via trade. The difference here is that after doing a CS GO case opening and winning an item worth less than what you paid for the case is that you can still choose to sell it back to the site, so you only lose a small fraction of your initial spend.

The Age of Case Openings

Case openings sprung into life just a few years ago when Steam launched its community market and the skin trading that went with it. People eventually realised they wanted more than just cool looking CS GO skins, we also wanted the ability to trade and wager those skins in hopes of getting better ones.

Case openings consist of one box filled with a number of items, some of these items are worth a shit-load of money, even more than the case itself. Others, on the other hand, are worth less than the case and it’s up to Lady Luck which ones drop for you. The cool thing about case openings is that you never really lose your entire wager, you always get something, and whatever you get can be put towards your next chance and the dream skin you want.

How many CS GO cases open to date?

A very cool member of the CSGO skin community, none other than TDM_Heyzeus, is a very popular YouTuber who specialises in CSGO skins and community market trading. He recently did a little bit of analysis to figure out the number of cases opened by the community up to this date. The insane number of CS GO cases open to date has been a whopping 243,349,632. That’s something close to 500 million USD spent within CSGO alone, not to mention all of the virtual cases opened by CSGO case opening sites like gamdom.com and many others.

Thousands of people opening CSGO cases all at once!

Heyzeus did the research and it shows that on average, every person who plays Counter-Strike will open approximately 8 cases each. Obviously, many people will never open a single CSGO case in their whole lifetime but others open thousands so, in the end, it works out as if everyone had paid for 8 CSGO case openings each. That sure is a hell of a lot of people on CSGO opening cases throughout its history. Did you take part? Leave a comment on Facebook, or drop us an email from the contact page to discuss your experience so far!

If you are more interested in traditional betting and would like to find out more about CSGO Betting on licensed websites please head over to our dedicated CSGO Betting page for more information. Here you can find real Sportsbooks that support e-sports betting.